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Get Smore out of Summer


Summer S’mores with Cub



Get s’more out of summer with some help from Cub. Make sure to stock up on s’more ingredients for all of your summer adventures. Whether you’re camping or cooking out in the backyard, Cub has everything you need.


Recipes you gotta try

S’mores Recipes

Put a new twist on a classic summer favorite. Add fruit, peanut butter, caramel or mint to a traditional s’more, or go savory by adding bacon! Try the recipes below to satisfy those summer s’more cravings.


Cub Online Ordering



Shop for s’mores online. Get s’more ingredients delivered to your backyard, or order store pickup to stock up before going to the lake or cabin. Can’t get enough s’mores? Cub has a lot of s’more-flavored items to pick from.

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