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Plan Your Best Backyard Bash

With the Twins season underway, the sun shining, temps rising and flowers blooming, we’re officially calling it: The Backyard Opener is here. Have you heard of it? That's the one where you invite your friends over for the first backyard bash of the season. It doesn’t have to be fancy or planned far in advance—all you need are a few foolproof recipes, some delicious shortcuts and a little help from your friends at Cub. Peruse our mix-and-match menu to make your backyard opener easy-breezy—and for ideas on how to keep it that way all summer long!


  • Pub Burgers

    Pub Burgers

    We put the go in gourmet burgers with five ready-to-grill flavors. Each thick patty is crafted from fresh, 75% lean ground beef for deep flavor, a crusty exterior and the juiciest interior. Choose from five delicious flavors: Bacon Cheddar, Three Cheese, Mushroom Swiss, Montreal and Jalapeño Cheese.

  • Quick & Easy Ribs

    Quick & Easy Ribs

    Full rack or half rack, our fully prepared ribs know how to get the party started—and keep it going. Pick them up in our deli. They’re zero prep and the only cleanup required is your face.

  • Smokehouse Brats

    Smokehouse Brats

    Our German-inspired pork bratwursts are Minnesota classics. They’re smoked to perfection and provide that quintessential snap when grilled (we know you know what we mean!). Choose from flavors like Bacon Cheddar, Wild Rice, Bacon Bleu Cheese and Habanero & Mango.



To round out your backyard spread, you’re going to need some all-star sides. Don't break a sweat—leave the salad-making to us! Whether you’re in the mood to try something new, a diehard for the classics, or interested in a little of this and some of that, your Cub deli has you covered.

Find Shortcuts at Cub

Make-It-Yourself Ideas



For your sweet-toothed guests, the best part of any meal is going to be the dessert. Keep the heat out of your own kitchen when you pick up one of our grab-and-go bakery options. Stop by our bakery department to find sweet treats perfect for your summer spread. 

  • Honeycrisp Lattice Apple Pie

  • Peanut Butter Krispy Trays

  • Cookie Trays

  • Chocolate Ganache Cake

  • Cherry Pie

  • Fresh Strawberry Boston Cake

Make-It-Yourself Ideas

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