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Holiday Headquarters

Celebrate Deliciously with Cub

This is the year to ditch the holiday hassle and spend more time celebrating with those close to you. Cub has your holiday all wrapped up and delivered with special savings, festive meal solutions, at-home party ideas, grocery delivery and store pickup.

Ringing in the New Year

Bid 2020 farewell forever and say hello to a new year with tasty drinks, easy appetizers and family-friendly activities. Find everything you need for the ball drop at your local Cub, and check out these ideas for more inspiration.

How to Throw a Stay-at-Home Party

Even though you're stuck in the house, there's no reason you can't get your party on. Throw on some tunes or your favorite holiday movie and get ready to celebrate.

Charcuterie board 

How to Make a Holiday Charcuterie Board


  1. Choose a board: Slate is great, but cutting boards or sheet pans work in a pinch.
  2. Say cheese! Mix it up with a variety of hard, soft and crumbled cheeses.
  3. Add salty and sweet. Pile on Italian meats, dried and fresh fruits and roasted nuts.
  4. Crackers and more! Finish off your cheeseboard with savory crackers and other finger-foods.

Perfect Pairings

Cub Wine & Spirits and Cub Liquor offers a great selection of holiday beer, wine and spirits, including top notch wines to create these perfect pairings:

  • • Dry Riesling & blue cheese
  • • Sauvignon Blanc & goat cheese
  • • Chardonnay & Jarlsberg
  • • Pinot Noir & brie
  • • Stout & yellow cheddar chese
  • • Wheat ale & soft goat cheese
  • • Wheat ale & crumbled feta cheese

cheese board 

Brie layer cake

Build a Brie Layer Cake

This three-tiered brie cake is just what the end of 2020 calls for. Just stack, style and serve—no cooking required!

  • • Stack the layers
  •     • Bottom layer: 14 oz Brie
  •     • Center layer: 8 oz Brie
  •     • Top layer: Boursin
  • • Decorate with fresh flowers, nuts, dried fruit and a little drizzle of honey.
  • • Slice like you would a cake and serve with crackers, nuts and champagne. 


Quick & Easy Meals

Stress less this holiday season with Quick & Easy Meals. Whether you need an easy weeknight meal or a side dish for your holiday party, we offer thousands of options for an affordable, fresh-made meal that’s ready in minutes.

shop online for holiday food 

Online Grocery Shopping

Save time this holiday season with Cub online grocery shopping. Prep for your holiday dinner or stock up on baking ingredients – we’ll do the shopping! Order your groceries online for delivery or store pickup. 

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