Doable Dinners, part 1

Eating home-cooked meals with your family is possible with Doable Dinners from Cub. Each Doable Dinner idea contains just a few ingredients, is easy to prepare in under an hour and serves 4 for less than $25. Order any meal bundle at during your lunch break. Then pull into a Cub pickup spot on your way home and we’ll bring your ingredients (and whatever else you need) to your car so you can be on your way. You can also order a bunch of Doable Dinner ingredients and have them delivered right to your front door. Or switch to list mode in the store selector and add dinner ingredients to your list for in-store shopping. 
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this week's featured doable dinner is...
What is it about serving breakfast for dinner that just feels cozy, filling and easy? And this isn’t your average French Toast, Bacon & Eggs Brinner (Breakfast for Dinner!) because it starts with Cub's famous Chunky Cinnamon Bread which makes it so much better. First, get your bacon going using your preferred cooking method. Next, start the French Toast by whisking 4 eggs and 2/3 cup milk in a shallow bowl (enough for 8 slices). Dip cinnamon bread slices in egg mixture, making sure to coat both sides. Cook bread on a lightly greased nonstick griddle over medium heat until browned on both sides. Set aside and keep warm while making eggs to your liking. And voila, brinner is served!

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To make Chicken Stir Fry, cut the chicken thighs into 1-2 inch strips. Add 1 tbsp of olive oil to a large skillet and heat over medium heat, adding the chicken and cooking for 3-5 minutes. Remove the cooked chicken and set aside. Prepare the stir fry vegetables according to package directions. Add the cooked chicken back into the skillet with the vegetables and stir to combine. Prepare the brown rice and egg rolls according to the directions on the package. Serve and enjoy!

No recipe required to whip up Impossible Meatball & Spinach Rigatoni. Simply prepare the Impossible meatballs, rigatoni and your favorite jarred Alfredo sauce according to package directions. Once everything is hot, combine it back into the empty pasta pot and throw in a few handfuls of fresh spinach. Cover and let sit at room temp. for a few minutes so spinach wilts slightly. Spoon into bowls and serve immediately with a side of crusty fresh bread, warmed in a 250°F oven or at room temp. if you're in a hurry.
To prepare the Rotisserie Chicken, Caesar Salad and Garlic Bread, prepare the salad and bread according to package directions. Slice the chicken and serve. No recipe required!

To make Pecan Chicken Sliders, cut Cub's Pecan Crusted Boneless Chicken Breasts in half and cook in a large skillet over medium heat with 1 tbsp of olive oil. When cooked through, assemble sliders by placing each piece of chicken on a bun and then topping with a tbsp of coleslaw and 1 tsp of barbecue sauce. Add pickles if desired and serve with chips.

To make Game Day Turkey Chili, brown the ground turkey in a large skillet over medium heat. Once the turkey is cooked through, add the spice packet, beans and tomatoes to the skillet and simmer over low heat for 15-20 minutes. Top with shredded cheese and serve with Cub's famous cornbread. Yum!

When it's time for comfort food, this meal delivers! No recipe required to prepare Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes and Broccoli. Simply prepare each ingredient according to the package directions and serve hot. The meatloaf is Cub's custom recipe, mixed on site and ready to bake. Add a dollop or two of Top the Tater® and you’ll enjoy every bite even more.


To prepare Lettuce Wraps, separate and rinse leaves of butter lettuce under cool water. Pat dry with a paper towel and set aside. Brown ground chicken in a medium frying pan, adding salt and pepper to taste. Prepare Teriyaki rice and edamame according to package directions. Combine chicken, rice & edamame and spoon into lettuce leaves. Top with shredded cabbage. Serve with Thai peanut sauce, ponzu or soy sauce for extra zing.

Kid-Friendly Fish Tacos you can make in a snap? Yes! Here's how: Prepare fish tenders according to package directions. Assemble fish and rainbow slaw in tortillas (warm tortillas first if you like) and top with the sauce. Yum!

Easy-peasy pasta dish you can make in minutes! Prepare Shrimp Bow Tie Pasta by cooking pasta according to package directions. While the pasta is boiling, combine thawed shrimp (already fully cooked), peas and Alfredo sauce in a large skillet. Heat gently, do not boil. Drain the pasta into a large serving bowl and pour the hot skillet mixture over the pasta. Top with Parmesan cheese and serve with ciabatta bread.

Fish Fri-Yay! Re-create this popular Friday night drive-through meal at home. To get Fish Sandwiches, Tots & Coleslaw on the table fast, prepare fish fillets and tots in the oven according to package directions and then serve the fish on a bun with tartar sauce and a side of tots. We like to add the coleslaw to our sandwich, but you can serve it on the side, too.


Pagoda Chicken Potstickers, 9.49 Ounce, $3.99

Chicken Potstickers

Pagoda Chicken Potstickers, 9.49 Ounce
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Dole Chopped Sesame Asian Chopped Salad Kit, 12.25 Ounce, $4.99

Chopped Sesame Asian Chopped Salad Kit

Dole Chopped Sesame Asian Chopped Salad Kit, 12.25 Ounce
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Dole Chopped Sesame Asian Chopped Salad Kit, 12.25 OunceOpen product description
With My Cub Rewards
Making the perfect salmon is the key to serving Grilled Asian Salmon Salad & Potstickers and having your family rave about it. It’s easier than you think! Start by preparing the potstickers and salad according to package directions and setting aside. Now on to the salmon! Pat the salmon dry with a paper towel and add salt and pepper to taste. Heat 1 Tbsp oil in a large skillet over medium high heat. As soon as the pan is hot, place the salmon skin side UP and sear for 3 minutes. Flip the salmon so the skin side is DOWN and continue to sear for another 5-6 minutes. Serve the seared salmon on the Asian Salad (or next to it) with a side of potstickers. Delicious!

To prepare Philly Cheesesteak Pierogies, boil pierogies in water for 5 minutes as directed on package. Sauté cut peppers and onion over medium heat in a large skillet with 1 tsp oil until tender-crisp, about 3 to 5 minutes. Combine hot vegetables and cooked & drained perogies in a bowl. Slice and brown steak with another tsp of oil in the same skillet. Return pierogies and vegetables to the skillet and toss with steak. Sprinkle with cheese, remove from heat and cover the skillet for a few minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste. Serve! Check out preparation details at Mrs. T's Pierogies.

Let’s make Buttery Rosemary Chicken with Roasted Potatoes & Carrots! Fire up your oven to 450°F. While it pre-heats, slice the potatoes in half and peel the carrots. Pile both onto a rimmed baking sheet, drizzle with olive oil—about 2 tablespoons—and sprinkle with a few sprigs of coursely chopped rosemary, and salt and pepper to taskte. While the potatoes & carrots roast for 35 minutes, pat the chicken breasts dry and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Cook chicken in 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat for 6-8 minutes per side. Once the chicken is almost done, add 3 tablespoons of butter and a few sprigs of fresh rosemary, coursely chopped, to the pan. Continue cooking on low heat, turning the chicken to coat it with the butter & rosemary for 1-2 minutes until the butter is fragrant and brown. Serve everything hot!

Here’s to dinners that come together all on a single sheet pan! To make Sheet Pan Pork Tenderloin with Roasted Sweet Potatoes & Onions, pre-heat the oven to 400°F and place the pork tenderloin in the center of a rimmed baking sheet. (Line the pan with tin foil for easy clean-up.) Toss the cut sweet potatoes and onions in a little olive oil and arrange them around the pork. If using an unseasoned tenderloin, sprinkle the flavoring packet over the pork and vegetables. If using a pre-seasoned tenderloin, only sprinkle the vegetables. Roast everything for 30-35 minutes. Dinner is ready when the internal temperature of the pork reaches 145°F for medium-rare or 160°F for medium. Allow pork to rest for ten minutes before slicing; it will be slightly pink in the center.

Prep instructions for Weeknight Monte Cristo with Salad & Italian Dressing: Is this a true monte cristo? Nope. But when it's a busy weeknight and everyone is hungry, this is an easy win. If you’re feeling fancy and have the time, add turkey, an egg batter, jam and powdered sugar. If not, here’s how to pull off our weeknight version. Start by mixing up the salad dressing according to package directions and arranging the greens on your plates so when the sandwiches come off the griddle, you'll be ready to eat. Next, slather mayo on the outside of each piece of bread. It adds a certain je ne sais quois that helps your sandwich crisp and brown beautifullyand is our quick substitute for the egg batter. Build the sandwiches by layering ham and swiss between the bread slices. Then pan fry in a flat bottomed frying pan or griddle over medium heat. Flip each sandwich when the bread is brown and toasty. To elevate your meal cut your sandwiches on a diagonal. Voilà, dinner is served.


Green Giant Riced Veggies, Cauliflower with Lemon & Garlic, 10 Ounce, $3.99

No sauce. Riced veggies. Behold the power of cauliflower! Green Giant Riced Veggies are exciting cauliflower-based blends that are a gluten free, low-calorie food. Enjoy these veggies as a delicious alternative to rice, potatoes, and pasta.

Green Giant Riced Veggies, Cauliflower with Lemon & Garlic, 10 Ounce
Gluten Free
Green Giant Riced Veggies, Cauliflower with Lemon & Garlic, 10 OunceOpen product description

Birds Eye Steamfresh Whole Green Beans Frozen Vegetables, 10.8 Ounce, $2.49

Birds Eye Steamfresh Whole Green Beans offer a delicious and easy frozen vegetable side dish for your family. Flash frozen to lock in flavor, these steamable green beans are specially selected to give you quality vegetables. These frozen vegetables are made with nothing artificial to give your family the best. Serve these frozen whole green beans as a side dish for grilled chicken or fish. Prepare these frozen green beans easily by microwaving them in the bag in 6 minutes or less or cook on the stovetop in under 10 minutes. Keep the 10.8 ounce bag in the freezer until you're ready to enjoy. It’s good to eat vegetables, so Birds Eye makes vegetables good to eat.

Birds Eye Steamfresh Whole Green Beans Frozen Vegetables, 10.8 Ounce
Birds Eye Steamfresh Whole Green Beans Frozen Vegetables, 10.8 OunceOpen product description
$2.49 was $2.99$0.23/oz
Cub's Stuffed Pork Chops are hearty and almost a meal in themselves, so we paired them with 2 lighter sides, Whole Green Beans and Cauliflower Rice, and topped them with Hollandaise Sauce for a fast, flavorful dinner. Prepare the stuffed pork chops according to your preferred method as written on the package; you can choose between oven roasting or pan-frying. (We like oven roasting.) While the stuffed pork chops cook, pop the sides, one-by-one into the microwave. While they’re finishing up, prepare the hollandaise sauce per package directions. Pour the hollandaise sauce over the beans and over the cauliflower rice, too, if you like.

Our Cheesy Chicken Quesadillas need almost no instruction! Pan fry chicken thighs in a little olive oil and cut into bite-size pieces. Lay out tortillas and divide chicken evenly among them, on just half of each tortilla. Top with shredded monterey jack cheese and a spoonful of pico de gallo (skip that if you have picky eaters). Fold each quesadilla into a half-moon and place in a skillet with a little olive oil. Cook over medium-high heat for 3-4 minutes on each side until crispy. Repeat until all quesadillas are cooked. Cut into wedges and serve with chips and pico de gallo.

It's hard to pick a favorite thing about Cub's shrimp skewers, but how darn fast they are to make ranks in the top three for sure. To make Shrimp Skewers and Veggie Pasta, start with the pasta and in the last five minutes, we’ll fire up the shrimp. First, melt a generous dollop of Garlic Herb Better Butter in a skillet over medium-high heat. Add 1 ½ cups of veggies and sauté until tender and beginning to brown. While veggies cook, boil water, and cook pasta according to box directions. Strain pasta and add to the pan with the vegetables. Add another heaping dollop of Garlic Herb Better Butter and mix until melted. Transfer to a bowl to serve. Wipe out skillet, add 1 teaspoon oil and heat to medium-high. Sear shrimp skewers in skillet, cooking 1-2 minutes per side until pink. Serve pasta and hot in your favorite bowls and top with shrimp skewers.

There’s no wrong way to make a burger when you start with Cub Gourmet Pub Burgers! Grill or fry them up in a cast iron skillet, whatever suits your fancy. Top your burger with smoky BBQ sauce and crunchy onions - an easy way to add delicious variety to weeknight burgers. Serve with corn on the cob (which you can boil, steam, microwave, or grill) or try our Quick & Easy Pineapple Chili Glazed Corn Air Fry Kit for a new twist on a classic.

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Three Twists on Taco Night

Tacos are just as tasty as they are messy—make cleanup easier by assembling everything in a bowl! Start with chips or broken taco shells, then add meat (try spicy chorizo sausage for an added kick), shredded cheese, beans, salsa and whatever else your tastebuds desire.

With the weather cooling down, it's the perfect time to warm up with a bowl of cozy soup. Your family will love this traditional tortilla soup, or if you're serving a meat-free crowd, try an easy taco soup with a substitution of faux meat in place of the ground beef. See recipe

This Taco Tuesday, why not gather the family around a big platter of nachos? In a large pan (pro tip: line with aluminum foil for easy cleanup), add tortilla chips and all the appropriate fixin's, then warm up in the oven until your cheese is good and melty.

Beef Chuck Roast, Three Ways

Served over a bed of egg noodles, beef stroganoff is a hands-off dinner that your family will want to get their hands on! Cook your chuck roast low and slow in a slow-cooker while you're at work so it's nice and tender by dinnertime.

To make juicy Italian beef sandwiches, combine roast in a slow-cooker with sliced onion, a packet of Italian seasoning, pepperoncini peppers (with a few splashes of the juice added) and a couple cups of beef broth. Cook on high for 5 hours, shred, then serve on a bun with white cheese.

Dinners together don't have to be fussy or complicated—what matters most is that time is enjoyed together as a family. Our chuck roast hits the spot when slow-cooked along side earthy potatoes and hearty carrots.

Three Takes on Italian Night

No other dinner is quite as much fun for kids to eat as classic spaghetti and meatballs. Stop by your local Cub to pick up everything you need from pasta sauce to Italian parmesan cheese, then pair with a salad for a complete feast.

Everything tastes better when it's tiny, and these meatball sliders are no exception to that rule! Heat meatballs and marinara sauce, then serve in a mini bun with melty cheese.

This Italian-night twist falls somewhere between the realm of pasta and soup, making it a hearty dish your family will happily slurp down. Plus, this meatball soup can be ready and on the table in just half an hour!

Meatloaf Dinner, Three Ways

Meatloaf is a great start to any dinner. Pair with a salad kit (located in our produce department!) for an easy meal that you can feel good about serving your family.

Start with meatloaf, then pair with instant mashed potatoes for a comforting meal in just minutes.

Leftover meatloaf makes a tasty comeback when reimagined as a sandwich! Slice cold or warmed meatloaf and serve between two sweet buns with toppings like cheese, sautéed peppers and red onions.