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Best Produce period Pretty Lady Grapes


Jumbo Grapes

    •  Pretty Lady Grapes are produced naturally for a crisp, sweet healthy fruit.

    •  Through strict grading standards, Dulcich grows consistently firm, juicy, delicious jumbo grapes

    •  At Cub, we only source the largest sweetest table grapes from Dulcich

Grape Fun Facts

Bowl of grapes 

One cup of grapes, with about 80-100 calories, provides more than a quarter of the daily recommended values of vitamin K and C. Grape seeds, which are edible, are chock-full of antioxidants.

Tray with grapes and blueberries 

Grapes are a kind of berry! They have a leathery covering and a fleshy inside, similar to blueberries!

Grapes on vines 

The oldest grapevine in America is a 400-year-old Scuppernong wine in North Carolina.

Grapes in water 

Grapes are about 80 percent water.

red and green grapes

One Ingredient Grape Sorbet Recipe

Grape sorbet is a naturally sweet, and almost instant dessert made by blending frozen grapes, check out the recipe below!

about 3 cups of sorbet, depending on the number of grapes

1 bunch grapes, removed from stems and frozen

Place frozen grapes in a food processor and process until smooth. Occasionally, turn off food processor and scrape down the sides. If needed, add a little water, one tablespoon at a time. Serve immediately.

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