Pickup & Delivery FAQs

How to get started using Cub's all new, custom online shopping experience

Trouble logging in to your account?

We know logging in can be a pain sometimes, and because we are making updates and improvements to our website and app, some customers may need to reset their passwords or adjust their login credentials. Here are some hints to make logging in easier:
  1. Select Sign In and enter your existing Cub email address and password. 
  2. If signing in with your existing credentials doesn't work, select Forgot your password from the Sign In screen and follow the steps to reset your password.
  3. If resetting your password doesn't work, select Register and create a new account. If you create a new account, you will be able to connect it to your existing My Cub Rewards account in the My Account section of the mobile app or on cub.com.
  4. If registering by creating a new account doesn't work, please contact Cub Customer Care. They are standing by to help, and don't worry - it's not you, it's us. We'll help figure it out!

Need immediate assistance with your pickup or delivery order?

We recommend calling your store first, before contacing Cub Customer Care because your store is familiar with your order and can usually help you right away. Your store's number is listed on on your receipt, in your confirmation email and on cub.com.

Here are 4 questions your store can answer for you, pronto: 
Missing a receipt?
All pickup and delivery orders should come with a receipt in a white My Cub My Way envelope. Not seeing it? Call your store and ask them to print you a new one.
Missing an item or bag from your delivery or pickup order?
Oh no! We are terribly sorry. Call your store and we will make it right - their number is on your receipt.

Didn’t hear from your Cub shopper about substitutions?
Our shoppers are trained to reach out for each substitution while they shop for your pickup and delivery order. If your shopper did not call or text you while they shopped and you received an item you do not want, call your store so we can make it right.

Past your delivery window and your order still hasn't been delivered?
Call your store so we can give you an update and make sure you get your delivery ASAP. Find your store's phone number here or in your confirmation email.

How do I login, register or reset my password?

Sign in using your Cub.com email address. That way we can connect your My Cub Rewards account, so you receive discounts and earn Fuel Rewards. The first time you sign in, you may need to reset your password using the Forgot your password? link on the sign-in screen. If you do NOT have a Cub.com account and email address, select Register instead and set up an account. After you are signed in, fill your cart and you will get every online deal! (If you don’t have an existing My Cub Rewards number you will be assigned one when you sign up.)

How do I make sure I receive My Cub Rewards discounts and earn Fuel Rewards?

Visit My Account on cub.com or in the Cub app to verify that your My Cub Rewards number and phone number are connected to your online account. Trouble finding your 11-digit My Cub Rewards Number? Don't sweat it. Contact Cub Customer Care and they will retrieve it for you.

Managing My Account

Do I need an account to shop online?
Yes, you need an account and creating one is simple. To create an account, Select Sign in or Register at the top right, then select Register and complete the form.

Do I need My Cub Rewards to shop online?
If you already have a My Cub Rewards account number, you can connect it when you sign in. If you do not have a My Cub Rewards account you will be assigned one when you register.

How do I link my existing My Cub Rewards number to my account on cub.com or in the Cub app?
Existing My Cub Rewards accounts have been preloaded to cub.com and the app, so when you try to sign in there is a good chance your email address will be recognized. Just use the Forgot your password function to sign into your account, if that is the case. You may add a My Cub Rewards number or verify that one is active by visiting My Account after you log in. Note: Your My Cub Rewards number is an 11-digit number found on the physical card or in My Account after you register. Your My Cub Rewards number is not your phone number, although you can link a phone number for easy check out in-store and to redeem Fuel Rewards at the pump.

How do I change my email address or other account information?
Once you are logged in, click on My Account located at the top right of the shopping screen and choose My Account Settings. You will be able to view, add or change your email address, password, and address information by selecting 'Edit'.

What do I do if I have forgotten my password?
Click on Forgot your password on the sign in screen. Enter your email address in the email address field and follow the directions to re-set your password. You will be emailed a link to a page where you can change your password.

What kinds of email will I receive from Cub?

Once you create an account, you will autmaticallly receive emails related to online orders - order confirmations, order status, password resets, etc. If you would also like to receive emails about exclusivie coupons, flash sales and other happenings at Cub, you can check the box next to Inform me by email under Deals & Promotions in My Account. (You can also opt in to receive text messages, although we haven't started sending SMS yet.)

Shopping Online

Looking to order a lot of one item or big, bulky items?
Please call ahead and we'll check that we have what you need in stock. We welcome requests for large quantities and big orders. For bulky delivery orders, keep in mind that our drivers use class C vehicles to deliver your groceries so large quantities of bulky items may need to be picked up.

How far in advance does my order need to be placed?
You can order for today for delivery or pickup as early as this afternoon. Or you can order up to 2-weeks in advance. Order early to ensure you get the timeslot that you prefer. Please note these options may change based on location, weather and holiday hours.

Is there a minimum dollar amount for online orders?
No, there is no minimum order for pickup or delivery. However, to take advantage of some sales and discounts you will need to place a minimum order that varies by the offer.

Can I give my personal shopper special instructions?
Yes. On the “Review Cart” page you can enter a note by typing in the note box under each item.

What does 'Allow Substitutions' mean?
If you “Allow Substitution”, and an item you have selected is unavailable, your Personal Shopper will select a similar replacement item for you. If you choose not to “Allow Substitutions”, and the product requested is unavailable, you will not receive another product in its place. You will not be charged for the unavailable item. Shoppers are trained to call you before finalizing any order containing substitutions or out of stocks.

How will I know what items were substituted?
Substitutions will be verified you with a text or phone call when your shopper has completed your order

Can I modify my order?
You can modify your order until we begin shopping for you, usually about 2 hours before your pickup or delivery window. To modify an order, visit My Account >> My Orders, then select your Order and then Modify Order. You will be asked to repeat the payment process, once the items in your cart have been modified. 

Can I cancel my order?
Yes, you can cancel your order online until your shopper has completed shopping for you. My Account >> My Orders >> Cancel Order. If you need to cancel your order after shopping is complete but before it has been sent out for delivery, you can call the store. Note that once you cancel an order we will not be able to retrieve it.

Can I view past orders as well as groceries that I have purchased instore?
You can view your online order history at any time. You can click on past My Orders at the top right corner under My Account. You can filter by date or pickup/ delivery as well. Once you select a specific order, you can add items to cart, repeat your order, or save a list for later.

How do I save my cart?
Your cart will be saved automatically if you are signed in. Items will remain in your cart until you purchase them on checkout. No matter where you sign in from you’ll be able to see any items you’ve added to your cart.

How do I know my order is confirmed?
You will receive a confirmation email once your order has been received by the system. This will confirm your items ordered and your scheduled delivery or pick up time. If you did not receive an email, please make sure that your email is correct or contact the store team to confirm.

How do I search for items?
You can use the website search tool on top of the website page to find a specific product. Enter a brand name, product name, category, or barcode. For example: "Culinary Circle"

Can I order Cub gift cards?
Yes - but not for pickup or delivery. You can order Cub gift cards by selecting Gift Cards here or from the navigation and placing a separate online transaction. Gift cards will be delivered to you by mail or digitally, depending on the type of gift cards you purchase. 

Why can't I find a product that I normally buy in-store?
Sorry about that! We sure try to have all the same products available online and in-store – but it doesn’t always happen! Sometimes we’ve missed listing it and sometimes it’s such a unique item that not every store stocks it. We’d love to hear from you if there’s a product you’d like to see us add to our online offering. Please contact your store directly and they can create a ticket to have the product added online.

Can I make a list to shop in store?
Yes! From the store selector, change your fulfillment method to “make a list”. From here you can add or remove items from “today’s list” for your upcoming shopping trip or click on any product and select “save to a list” to create a saved list.

Getting Help With Your Order

Please contact your store directly with questions or concerns about your order - the number is listed on your receipt and here. They can usually help you immediately. Additionally, the Cub Customer Care team can be reached by phone Mon-Fri, 7am - 5pm CT at 1-855-282-3663. If you have an issue and it is after-hours, please fill out the Customer Service form and someone from the Care Team will get back to you ASAP - usually within 24 hours. 

Pricing, Coupons and Promo Codes

Are prices online the same as in-store?
Absolutely! All Cub advertised specials and promotional prices in-store apply online at cub.com. One note: You will be charged the prices that are current on the day you receive your pickup or delivery order, not the day you place your order. The prices shown on the website are current at the time you place your order, so some prices may change if you are ordering today for a future order. 

Do you accept paper coupons online?
Unfortunately, we don’t. However, we do accept digital coupons, clippable while you shop, here. Clipped coupons will be added to your My Cub Rewards account and automatically redeemed at purchase when you buy the required items - either online or in-store. Logging in, makes clipping digital coupons fast and simple. 

How do you redeem a Promo Code online?
Enter the promo code on the payment page during checkout. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, click “Add a Promo Code”, enter the code and click "Apply." If the code is valid and you meet requirements, the message will display as “Code Applied”.

How do I know if a digital offer that was loaded to my card was redeemed in my online order?
First, ensure you have met all the requirements for the offers you want to redeem, including adding the correct products (size, variety, brand, count) to your cart. Upon checkout, your loaded offers will automatically redeem. They will not be reflected in your order summary, however you will see your savings and earnings appear on the receipt you receive at the time of pickup or delivery.

The cart says, ‘estimated total’, how will my actual total be calculated?
Your cart total reflects the prices on the day you place your order online; you will be charged based on the prices in effect on the day of your delivery or pickup. If your order includes weighted items, your personal shopper will do their best to select the exact weight you ordered, however you will be charged for the actual weight picked.

Delivery and Pickup

What is the fee for pickup?
Pickup is FREE every day at every Cub with My Cub Rewards with no minimum purchase required.

What is the fee for delivery?
Delivery is $5.49 with My Cub Rewards and a $35 minimum, plus we don't add any hidden fees for things like heavy items or distance charges. For delivery orders under $35, the fee is $11.99. Keep an eye out for delivery promotions, which we run throughout the year. Check here to see every pickup and delivery promotion available today. We also encourage stacking to save all you can! Our pickup and delivery offers can be used together to layer on the savings.

Where do you deliver online orders? 
To homes and offices in zip codes around every Cub store - usually within a 10-mile radius of each store. Enter your zip code here to see if we deliver to your address.

Why choose Cub for delivery?
Some companies claim low delivery fees but then apply hidden charges for things like heavy item fees, long-distance fees or services fees, that are a percentage of your order. Some delivery services even charge higher prices for the same item online vs. in-store. At Cub, we have no hidden fees and our online prices are the same as they are in-store. We charge fairly for delivery so you know the cost right up front.

Should I tip my delivery assistant?
Tips are optional and always appreciated. You can select a tip amount during checkout on Cub.com and in the app, or you can tip with cash if you prefer. 

Do I have to be at present to receive a delivery to my home or office?
We do not leave groceries unattended without prior approval. If you wish for a contactless or away delivery, please add this to your delivery notes at checkout. Note that if you place an order for beer, wine or spirits you will have to be present to accept the offer and we must legally check your ID at the time. 

I live in an apartment or gated townhouse complex, what are my delivery options?
We deliver to all types of homes. Please use the delivery area notes section in your order to ensure you communicate to the delivery assistant how to contact you through an intercom system, if necessary. If you have concierge service in your building and want the delivery driver to leave the order there, please provide this note in your delivery notes section at checkout.

How do the 1-hour pickup windows work and when will my order be ready?
Your order will be available for you to pick up by the start of your 1-hour window.

What if I am going to be late to pick up my order?
We will keep your groceries ready for you through the end of the day. Still not enough time? Contact the store team to let them know you need to pick up the groceries at a later date.

I have an issue with my delivery. How do I get it resolved?
Please contact your store, first. The number is listed on your receipt. Our goal is to delivery on time, in a professional manner and ensure every item you ordered is correct. We stand behind our commitment and are happy to resolve any issues that may arise. If contacting your store didn't resolve the issue, please contact Cub Customer Care for help.

Can I schedule my delivery to an address different than my billing address?
Absolutely, as long as the delivery address is within our delivery area. Just go into My Account and add an additional delivery address.

Quality & Freshness

How do I know my products will be fresh?
Our shop crew is trained on selecting the best quality and freshest products possible. The shop crew member shops on your behalf, selecting your fresh foods directly off the store shelves. They also ensure that the temperature integrity of your order is maintained at every step in the process until your order is delivered or picked up. Shop Crew members also review the best by or best before dates on products and select you the longest date available in store. Cub has a 100% Money Back Guarantee to reinforce our commitment to only the highest quality and freshest products.

Will you honor the 100% Money Back Guarantee if my order is not up to quality standards?
Yes. The Cub 100% Money Back Guarantee will be honored should any of your items not meet your quality standards.

Do my chilled and frozen products meet food safety regulations in regard to temperature integrity?
Absolutely. We guarantee that your chilled and frozen products are safely stored so that you receive them in the best possible condition.

Payment & Refunds

When is my credit card charged?
Your credit card will be charged on the day your order is picked and processed for delivery or pick up.

Do you accept Cub gift cards online?
Unfortunately, we cannot accept gift cards online yet.

Where can I buy Cub Gift Cards?
Cub gift cards can be purchased separately here. The ability to use gift cards online is coming soon.

What is the Cub online shopping refund policy?
We offer the same refund policy online as we do in store. Contact your local store team with any questions.

How do I know my credit card data and personal data are safe?
Protecting your payment and personal information is a crucial to our business. The security technologies that we use to safeguard your payment information fully comply with industry standards. Our security processes are audited by third party experts and we have a dedicated information security staff who constantly ensure that we are protecting our customers.

Miscellaneous Questions

Does Cub have a mobile app for online shopping?
Yes we do! And it is ready for download in the Apple and Google Play Stores. Find out more about it here.  

Which web browsers can I use?
Common modern browsers are supported: Chrome, Safari, Edge and Firefox.

Can I place my order over the phone?
Currently, we only take orders online. Call your store directly to learn about alternative ordering options.

Can I receive a text message when the order is ready?
You will receive a text message when your delivery is on the way. And when you are the next stop, you will receive another text including a link to view your driver's location. 

Can I return my bottles and other recyclable items with the delivery assistant?
Not at this time.

All the Reasons You’ll Love Cub’s Custom Online Shopping Experience

  • Same prices as in-store
  • Every online order shopped by a Cub personal shopper from your store
  • Earn Fuel Rewards on grocery purchases*
  • Clip and redeem digital coupons online*
  • My Cub Rewards discounts on 100s of products each week*
  • No hidden fees (never any additional service charges or heavy item fees)
  • FREE pickup & $5.49 delivery every day at every Cub
  • Printed receipt with every order
  • Create shopping lists to shop in-store
*When you connect My Cub Rewards

Questions about My Cub Rewards and Fuel Rewards? Check out answers to our customer's most frequently asked questions.