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My Cub Rewards FAQs

Q: Do I need a physical card to participate in the My Cub Rewards program?
A: No, all you need is a My Cub Rewards account number, which you can sign up for at Cub.com or in the Cub app. 
Q: How do I get a physical My Cub Rewards card, if I still want one?
A: Contact Cub Customer Care for assistance. 
Q: Why do you ask for a phone number?
A: Connecting your phone number to your My Cub Rewards account makes it easy for you to check out in-store - you can just enter your phone number on the keypad instead of needing a card or remembering your 11-digit My Cub Rewards number. Linking your phone number also enables you to redeem Fuel Rewards at the pump. And when you place an order online, it allows your Cub personal shopper to contact you if they need to substitute an item. 
Q: Do you sell My Cub Rewards contact information or share it with advertisers?
A: No. The information you give us when you sign up is used solely to communicate with you and give you all the benefits of My Cub Rewards membership. 
Q: Can I link more than one My Cub Rewards number to my account?
A: No, you’re unable to link more than one My Cub Rewards number to your account.
Q: Somehow I ended up with multiple My Cub Rewards accounts. Can I merge them? 
A: We are unable to merge accounts at this time. To get maximum savings, make sure you all use the same account number and phone number every time you shop and whenever you redeem Fuel Rewards. If you have trouble getting into your accounts, contact Cub Customer Care for assistance. 
Q: Why am I no longer receiving emails from Cub containing exclusive discounts, kickbacks and coupons?
A: You may have been opted out of receiving our emails somehow, but you can easily opt back in. Visit My Account at cub.com or in the Cub app and make sure there is a green check mark next to inform me by email. If you still do not receive Cub email, contact Cub Customer Care for assistance. 

Fuel Rewards FAQs

Q: What are Fuel Rewards?
A: Cub's fuel discount program is one of the benefits of My Cub Rewards membership. You earn fuel points good for cents off gallons of gas at Holiday stores every time you buy groceries online or in-store with My Cub Rewards. 
Q: How do I earn Fuel Rewards?
A: Buy groceries at Cub using My Cub Rewards. Online, check your My Cub Rewards number and phone number in My Account to make sure both are correct before you check-out. In-store, you can enter your phone number or swipe the bar code in your Cub App, your My Cub Rewards card or key fob. For every dollar you spend on groceries at Cub in a month, you earn one point towards fuel discounts at Holiday. For example, if you spend $100 over the month, you qualify for 10₵ off per gallon. Spend $200 and earn 20₵ off. Spend $300 and receive 30₵ off per gallon, etc.
Q: Are some purchases excluded from earning Fuel Rewards?
A: Yes. Fuel Rewards cannot be earned on money orders, postage stamps, lottery tickets, wire transfer services, bill pay services, Cub gift cards, Visa gift cards, MasterCard gift cards, American Express gift cards, alcohol, tobacco, products and services sold at face value as a convenience for our customers and fluid dairy products, where prohibited by law.
Q: Is there a limit on how much I can earn in Fuel Rewards?
A: There’s no limit on how much you can earn. But there is a limit to how many Fuel Rewards you can redeem at once. You can redeem a maximum of $1.50 off per gallon with a maximum of 20 gallons per transaction. Fuel discounts in excess of $1.50/gallon will remain on your My Cub Rewards balance for future purchases prior to their expiration date. For example, if you have $2.00 in fuel discounts and you redeem $1.50 off per gallon, the next time you fill up, you’ll still have 50 cents per gallon in fuel discounts to redeem. Note: Unbranded diesel and alternative fuels may not be eligible.
Q: Do Cub Fuel Rewards expire?
A: Yes. Fuel Rewards expire at the end of the month FOLLOWING the month they are earned. For example, if you earned 10 cents off per gallon in June, you’ll have until July 31 to redeem Fuel Rewards earned in June.
Q: Can I combine multiple grocery purchases in the same month to earn a larger discount?
A: Yes! We keep track of your Fuel Rewards balance and add all qualifying purchases together. You can check your balance in My Account at cub.com and in the Cub app.
Q: Can Cub Fuel Rewards be combined with other fuel discounts at Holiday?
A: No, Cub Fuel Rewards cannot be combined with other fuel discounts at Holiday.
Q: How do I know how much I’ve earned in Fuel Rewards? Can I check my balance?
A: The number of Fuel Rewards earned during a specific transaction will be printed at the bottom of your receipt along with the expiration date. You can check your total Fuel Rewards balance in My Account on Cub.com or in the Cub app. 
Q: Where can I redeem my fuel discounts?
A: At participating Holiday stores in Minnesota. Note that technical limitations prevent some Holiday stores from being able to participate, so check with your store before you pump to see if they redeem Cub Fuel Rewards.
Q: How do I redeem Cub Fuel Rewards at Holiday?
A: There are three ways to redeem:
  1. Entering your phone number on the keypad at the pump is the easiest way. Once your phone number has been registered in My Account on Cub's website or app, follow the instructions on the pump screen before you gas up. After inserting your credit or debit card you'll be asked, “Use Cub Rewards at the Pump?” Press "Yes." Then enter your phone number. If you make a mistake select "Backspace" to correct a digit or select "Clear" to start the transaction over.
  2. You can scan your My Cub Rewards card at the pump or when you pay inside at the register. 
  3. If you pay inside, you can also use the barcode in your Cub app and your My Cub Rewards fob. The cashier will scan them to authorize your Fuel Rewards.
Q: Can I redeem part of my total fuel discount balance if the balance is $1.50 per gallon or less?
A: Unfortunately, no. It’s all or nothing unless you’ve earned a discount of more than $1.50. Fuel discounts in excess of $1.50/gallon will remain on your My Cub Rewards balance for future use, prior to the expiration date.
Q: Why don't my Fuel Rewards show up in my account?
A: Your account may take an hour or more to update after shopping at Cub. It is also possible that the My Cub Rewards number linked to your phone number is not the same number you used when you purchased groceries. Some people have more than one. Please contact Cub Customer Care if you are having other issues related to your account. 
Q: What if I lose My Cub Rewards card or forget my rewards number and have unused Fuel Rewards?
A: Please contact Cub Customer Care.
Q: Why doesn't my phone number or My Cub Rewards number work at the pump?
A: Check My Account in the Cub App or at cub.com to make sure the correct phone number is associated to your My Cub Rewards number. If you still have trouble, contact Cub Customer Care

Trouble logging in to your account?

We know logging in can be a pain sometimes, and because we are making updates and improvements to our website and app, some customers may need to reset their passwords or adjust their login credentials. Here are some hints to make logging in easier:
  1. Select Sign In and enter your existing Cub email address and password. 
  2. If signing in with your existing credentials doesn't work, select Forgot your password from the Sign In screen and follow the steps to reset your password.
  3. If resetting your password doesn't work, select Register and create a new account. If you create a new account, you will be able to connect it to your existing My Cub Rewards account in the My Account section of the mobile app or on cub.com.
  4. If registering by creating a new account doesn't work, please contact Cub Customer Care. They are standing by to help, and don't worry - it's not you, it's us. We'll help figure it out!

Account Login FAQs

Q: What are Cub's password requirements?
A: Cub account passwords require at least 10 characters, including one upper-case letter, one lower-case letter, one number and one special character.  
Q: What if the My Cub Rewards number listed in My Account is not the one I normally use?
A: You can update your rewards number in My Account to the correct one. Some customers have more than one My Cub Rewards account, so make sure the one you enter is the one you want to use when you shop online and in-store and get gas at Holiday. Getting everything synced up allows you to clip and redeem coupons, earn and redeem Fuel Rewards and automatically get all My Cub Rewards discounts, kickbacks and deals every time you shop.
Q: Why can't I update or add my phone number in My Account? 
A: Your phone number may be attached to another email address in our system. Contact Cub Customer Care to troubleshoot. They will help you update it. 
Q: Why can't I change my email address in My Account? 
A: It's possible that your email address may already be in our system. Contact Cub Customer Care to help you update it. 
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