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Happy Halloween

Halloween Savings at Cub

This Halloween, stop by Cub for thrilling and chilling savings. Stock up on Halloween candy, treats and decorations. Don’t forget to pick up a pumpkin for decorating, baking, or carving!

Halloween Candy 

Halloween Treats Delivered

With Cub online grocery shopping, we’ll deliver Halloween treats to your door. Shop for goodies for your Halloween party or stock up on candy for trick-or-treating. Order online for pickup or delivery today!


Halloween Around the Clock

All Hallows Eve is the perfect excuse to have a lot of fun with food. Celebrate the spookiest day of the year from morning to night with these easy snack, drink and meal ideas: 

  • Breakfast: Spooky Waffles
    Start things off with a delightfully spooky breakfast of themed pancakes, bacon and whipped cream with strawberry sauce and mini chocolate chips. 
  • Lunch: Mummy Pizza and Boo-nananas
    Mummy pizzas are a breeze when made with naan rounds, strips of mozzarella, olive eyes and pepperoni cups. Use a few mini chocolate chips from breakfast to make a ghost banana almost too cute to eat.
  • Snack: Vampire Teeth
    Everyone will want to sink their teeth into the most adorable vampire mouths made from apples, peanut butter, mini marshmallows and almond slivers. 
  • Dinner: Ghoulish Grazing
    A crazy-busy night calls for the ultimate grazing board with something for everyone. 
  • Dessert: Whatever you can grab!
    Time to enjoy the kids’ haul! Hope you manage to snag some favorites. 


    With the kids in bed, give yourself a little me-time with this refreshingly spooky cocktail (psst—we recommend adding a shot of your favorite vodka to this one).


Halloween Recipes

No tricks about it – these treats are scary good! Make these delicious recipes for your Halloween party.

Teal pumpkin project 

Teal Pumpkin Project

Putting a teal pumpkin on your doorstep indicates that you have non-food treats available for trick-or-treaters with food allergies or other conditions. Make separate candy and non-food treat bowls. Non-food safe items could include glowsticks, stickers, bubbles, bouncy balls, and more!

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