advanced cleaning protocols

Cub Advances Cleaning Protocols Through the Ecolab Science Certified™ Program

We are proud to partner with Ecolab by joining the Ecolab Science Certified™ Program in an effort to further advance our safety and sanitation methods to the highest standard. As a certified retail partner, we have access to hospital disinfectants proven to kill the COVID-19 virus on surfaces in 15 seconds. The program also assists us in navigating elevated hygiene standards and protocols throughout every step of our customer experience.

What does it mean to join the Ecolab Science Certified™ Program?

  • Access to science-backed procedures and hospital disinfectants to create a clean shopping environment that fosters confidence and comfortability for our customers and associates.
  • Partnership with Ecolab through audits and guidelines established by highly trained food service experts that bring professional sanitation practices to our stores.
  • Commitment to a higher level of cleanliness to reduce the risk of exposure to germs like the virus that causes COVID-19. 

Using Science-Based Solutions to Promote the Health and Safety of Our Communities

  • Hospital disinfectants proven to kill the COVID-19 virus on surfaces gives us confidence when it comes to fighting this pandemic in our communities.
  • By partnering with a global leader in hygiene and infection prevention services, we’re able to implement the data-driven insights and expertise of Ecolab’s highly trained food service professionals in each of our stores across the Midwest.
  • In addition to implementing competitive sanitation procedures through this program, we’re also continuing our mask requirements, associate temperature checks and social distancing efforts. You can learn more about our COVID-19 response here.
The health and safety of our customers and associates continues to be of the upmost importance in our stores. That’s why we’re doing everything we can to keep you and your family safe. We believe that our partnership with Ecolab, along with our long list of COVID-19 safety precautions will enable us to continue providing the grocery shopping services you love in a way that allows you to feel confident and comfortable when you visit our stores. You can learn more about Ecolab’s cleaning technologies and the Ecolab Science-Certified™ Program here.

In addition to making strides in providing a safe and healthy shopping environment, our pickup and delivery options are always available for your convenience and comfortability.