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COVID-19 Response Summary

Our communities are relying on Cub to conduct business and to be there for our customers. Getting them the food and supplies they need is our priority. As an essential workforce, we take our jobs very seriously and keeping our customers not only supplied, but safe is critical. Here are some of the steps we are taking:

Putting Safety First – What Cub is doing:

• Extra cleaning efforts throughout the store with continuous cleaning and sanitizing of grocery carts, hand contact surfaces, doors, payment pin pads and register belts
• Installed plexiglass dividers at check lanes, service desks, pharmacies and liquor stores
• Store may limit the number of customers shopping at one time to help with social distancing
• Shopping from 6:00-7:30 AM is reserved for elderly and high risk shoppers
• Temporarily discontinued salad bars, wing bars and bulk foods, bulk donuts and bulk produce
• Associates are allowed to wear gloves and masks, company providing ASAP
• Following all government agency safety guidelines and recommendations
• Continue to have 25 stores open 24 hours to serve overnight shoppers
• Expanded pharmacy hours in many locations, with "take a number" system for social distancing

Putting Safety First – What you can do:

• Maintain 6 feet between you and your fellow shoppers, be conscientious as you shop, stay 2 carts apart
• Follow floor signs at checkouts to maintain distance
• Shop during less busy times – mid morning and late evening
• Limit the number of family members shopping at one time
• Use proper entrance and exits
• Ensure reusable bags are clean
• Take advantage of touchless payments at check stands
• Order online and pick up at the store in designated parking spots

Supporting our Associates:

• $2/hour premium pay for hourly employees
• Double OT for hours worked over 40 for hourly employees
• Continue to hire additional associates

Caring for our Communities:

• Donate at register campaign to help local food shelves in Cub communities
• Donated our N95 masks to first responders and healthcare workers
• Donation of product and supplies to charitable partners
• Maintaining our highest food safety standards for our customers
• Worked with the Governor’s Office to ensure childcare providers have access to the product they need to continue providing care to the children of emergency and other essential workers

At Cub, we’re focused on supporting the communities we serve by delivering quality, variety and fresh groceries. We’re extremely proud of and grateful for all our associates going the extra mile, every day, to ensure food availability. We’ll continue playing our essential role during this crisis and look forward to better days ahead.

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