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Link your phone number to your My Cub Rewards account.

Then stop by any participating Holiday Stationstore and redeem your
My Cub Rewards to save money at the pump!



Go cardless at the pump! Follow these 4 simple steps:


1. Register your 10-digit phone number to your My Cub Rewards account: 


App Icon

On the App

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in the store icon

In the store




2. Allow 24 hours for registration to process. 


3. Stop by any participating Holiday StationStore.


4. Enter your phone number at the pump to use your My Cub Rewards.



Do I have  to register my phone number?


No. Phone Number registration is only required if you would like to redeem My Cub Rewards by entering your phone number. You can continue to redeem using your App, key fob or card.


How do I redeem inside?


You can swipe your My Cub Rewards card, scan your key fob or app, or enter your phone number on the keypad.


How to I redeem at the pump with my phone number?


Once your phone number has been registered, follow the instructions on the pump screen. 


How do I re-enter my phone number if I have made a mistake?


Select "Clear" to start the transaction over. Select "Backspace" to correct a digit.


Why did this change?

We wanted to make it easier for you to redeem your My Cub Rewards at the pump.


Why don't my Rewards show up on my account?


Your account will take up to an hour to update after shopping at Cub. Please contact Cub in-store, online, or by phone if you are having other issues related to your account.


Why doesn't my card work?


Please contact Cub in-store, online, or by phone to be issued a new card.


What is my Rewards balance?


Your balance is printed on each Cub receipt. Your balance is also available by checking your account through the My Cub Rewards App.

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