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Cub Pharmacy provides a variety of affordable vaccines daily. Walk-ins are welcome! Immunizations are critical for protecting both you and those around you from diseases. Our pharmacists are skilled in administering vaccines that improve the quality of life for many patients.


We’ve Updated Our Immunization Safety Protocols

You and your family’s health are our top priorities. We have implemented several cleaning and disinfecting measures to combat the spread of COVID-19 so you can have peace of mind when you visit our clinics. 

Mask Requirements: For the safety of our guests and fellow associates, we require all pharmacy staff to wear face masks. Pharmacists may also wear two-way protective respirators when giving immunizations.

Enhanced Cleaning and Disinfecting: All patient-facing surfaces are cleaned between each transaction. In between immunizations, every patient will receive a new pen when filling out consent forms. 

Healthy Associates: All associates have their temperature checked before reporting to work each day.

Social Distancing Practices: We have extended pharmacy hours in many locations and have implemented a “take a number” system for social distancing.

Contactless Prescriptions: Please notify your pharmacist if you are not feeling well or you are uncomfortable with an in-person pick-up. We will fill your prescription and mail it to you at no extra charge. Learn more by calling or visiting your local Cub Pharmacy. 

Printable Immunization Forms: Print your immunization consent forms ahead of your visit. Fill them out in the safety and comfort of your home to save time and limit unnecessary contact with others. Click here to print.

Cub Pharmacy Offers the Following Vaccines:

o   Influenza

o   Pneumonia

o   Shingles

o   Tetanus

o   Whooping Cough

o   Hepatitis A

o   Hepatitis B

o   Meningococcal

o   Measles

o   Mumps

o   Rubella

o   Human Papillomavirus (HPV)


Not sure which immunizations you've already had or which you may need? Inquire with your pharmacist or health care provider. Age restrictions apply. Check with your pharmacist for specific details.

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