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Chronic Condition Management


Chronic Condition Management

Many of our pharmacies offer individual consultations to help you or a family member who may be living with a chronic condition. The focus of these personalized sessions is to help you identify how to better manage your health as you live with the condition. Our pharmacists are experienced with many chronic conditions, including:

·       Diabetes

·       High Cholesterol

·       Chronic Pain

·       High Blood Pressure

·       Asthma

·       Migraine Headaches

The goal of our Chronic Condition Management Service is to bring you high-quality, personalized care through a one-on-one session with a trained pharmacist. During this consultation, the pharmacist will provide you with:

·       In-depth education on the medical condition

·       A thorough evaluation of the medical condition management, focused on medications and healthy lifestyle practices

·       Answers to your questions regarding the medical condition and medications

·       Assistance with setting goals

·       Support and communication with your doctor to make any recommended changes to your medication regimen

Please contact your nearest Cub Pharmacy for more information.

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