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PGY1 Residency Graduation Checklist


The PGY1 resident will complete the following items to satisfy graduation requirements.



  • Graduation and completion from an accredited school of pharmacy prior to residency training
  • Acquire Board of Pharmacy licensure within 90 days of beginning residency training
  • Maintain pharmacist license in good standing in the state of the primary practice site throughout the residency year
  • Attend all required scheduled residency functions, including staffing and patient care opportunities in the pharmacy, university events, meetings, monthly residency calls, required training, and other residency-related events requiring travel outside of assigned market.
  • Achieve a rating of Satisfactory Progress or better on 50% of the learning objectives identified for evaluation on the first two quarters of summative evaluation and on at least 75% of the learning objectives identified for evaluation by the end of quarter three
  • Perform a minimum of three lectures for professional audiences
  • Perform a minimum of four presentations for patient audiences
  • Document a minimum of 30 patient interventions in the 15 medication-related problem categories
  • Achieve a rating of Achieved on at least 75% of the learning objectives by the end of the residency
  • Complete a residency research project and present results in the form of a poster presentation, podium presentation, and manuscript suitable for journal submission.



  • Administer 50 flu vaccines (may include combination of intradermal, IM, and/or nasal)
  • Administer a minimum of 20 "other" IM vaccinations (e.g. Hep A, Hep B, meningococcal, HPV, pneumonia, etc.)
  • Administer a minimum of five subcutaneous vaccines (e.g. Zostavax, MMR, etc.)



  • Perform a minimum of ten A1c tests 
  • Perform a minimum of 50 blood glucose tests
  • Perform at least one New Century lab test (TSH, Vit D, PSA)
  • Perform at least 50 BP 
  • Perform at least ten lipid panels
  • Administer at least one Mini-Cog™
  • Administer at least one PHQ2
  • Request labs from other HCPs prior to individual patient appointments in at least 10 instances



  • Present one community program event
  • Observe one MDC store tour
  • Lead one MDC store tour
  • Observe one My Diabetes Coach (MDC) class
  • Lead one MDC class
  • Participate in three off-site immunization clinics
  • Document five referrals to other HCPs using appropriate medium
  • Complete six Patient Snapshot Reflections (template)



  • Document 12 OTC recommendations each quarter (48 total)

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