locknlock containers

LocknLock Containers

LocknLock containers are some of the most versatile and durable food safe containers on the market. And now you can earn them for FREE just by shopping at Cub!

How it works:

For every $10 you spend, either in-store or online for pickup or delivery, you will earn one stamp. Ask your cashier or customer service for a stamp saver card. One stamp saver card holds 10 stamps.

One full stamp saver card (10 stamps) is good for $3.00 toward the purchase of any LocknLock container.

Collect multiple full stamp saver cards and get LocknLock containers for free! There's no limit to the number of containers you can earn!

For example, a 2.11 cup square glass LocknLock container sells for $9.00. If you have 3 full stamp saver cards, that container is free! See the chart below or the display in-store for all the various options and price points.
containers and stamps

How to Redeem:

Once you have one or more full stamp saver cards, select your LocknLock container(s) of choice from the in-store display and present the container and stamp saver card(s) at checkout. Earn Stamps October 2nd, 2022 - January 22, 2023, and redeem through February 5th, 2023.
chart for prices and containers

Why LocknLock?

attributes of locknlock containers