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Best produce period  Jackfruit


Jackfruit Fun Facts


jackfruit on a tree


Jackfruit is the world's largest tree fruit, averaging 15-33 pounds per fruit and reaching up to 120 pounds.

strips of gum 

Jackfruit has a sweet, tropical flavor, which many say resemble the flavor of Juicy Fruit gum.

Jackfruit jelly 

Great on it's own or try adding jackfruit to pies, jellies, sauces and ice cream.

jackfruit pulled pork substitute 

Like pulled pork? Jackfruit makes a great meat substitute.

How to prepare jackfruit

drawing of jackfruit 

1) Jackfruit contains very sticky sap. Apply cooking oil to your hands, knife and cutting board to prevent sticking, or wear gloves and cover your cutting board with plastic.

2) Cut the jackfruit into quarters the long way (cut in half, then halve each half).

3) Cut the core off each quarter.

4) Bend each quarter to separate the pods of fruit.

5) Pull or cut the pods off of the rind.

6) Slit pods lengthwise and remove seed. The seeds are edible and can be set aside to be boiled and eaten like chestnuts.

7) Enjoy!

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