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Best Produce Period Cherries


The Perfect Cherry Period

• Chelan Fresh delicious cherries are available from late spring to late summer

• Their cherries are packed with nutritional benefits and bite size goodness

• Chelan Fresh uses helicopters to help grow the perfect cherries.


Fun Facts

Learn more about cherries

Cherry Pie 

It takes about 250 cherries to make a yummy cherry pie.

lots of cherries 

The world’s heaviest cherry was grown by Gerardo Maggipinto in Italy in 2003 and weighed in at .76 ounces!

Cherries on a tree 

Washington, Oregon, and California produce 94% of America’s sweet cherries!

little girl with cherries 

Every year in Eau Claire, Michigan there is an International Cherry Pit Spit contest! The competition has gained immense popularity and the town is now known as "the Cherry Pit Spitting Capital of the World". The world record for cherry-pit spitting is 93 feet.

How to Freeze Cherries

Enjoy cherries all season long - buy now to freeze for later!


    Purchase extra quantities of your favorite cherry

  1. Rinse cherries and lay flat on paper towels to dry

  2. Remove the pits now or just leave the pits in and plan to pit the cherries when they thaw

  3. Gently fold into a freezer bag or freezer-proof container

  4. Thaw the cherries out as needed. They make a great semi-frozen treat, use frozen, pitted cherries in smoothies or thaw for your favorite recipe.

  5. Freeze large quantities so you can enjoy cherries all year long!

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