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Fresh Produce

Best Produce Period

Triple Checked freshness 

Cub’s Fresh Produce Promise


Cub strives to offer customers the best produce period. From taste to size, we work hard to ensure each piece of produce is of the highest quality. We source our produce from the best growers in the industry, including local growers whenever possible. We triple check every crate and carton for quality and freshness. We also try to minimize the time the produce takes to travel from the farm to the store, so you can bring the freshest produce period home to your kitchen. Love it or we’ll replace it and refund your money. That’s our produce promise.

  • Our Avocados & Limes Last 2x Longer!

    It's thanks to Apeel! Here's how it works: Apeel’s plant-derived solution slows water loss and oxidation, which extends the shelf life of avocados. As a result, fewer go to waste. Apeel avocados reduce food waste from farm to table, ensuring that more of the avocados grown are consumed.

    Because less food is wasted, this means less resources are wasted, including: Farm inputs, water, energy, land use, transportation, refrigeration and packing.

    A Life Cycle Assessment was conducted on Apeel Avocadoes, and results indicate that they require up to 42 grams less GHG emissions and 14 liters less water per avocado. Learn more at!

Love it or we'll replace it and refund your money. That's our produce promise.


Organic Produce

We carry over 200 varieties of organic fruits and vegetables, plus kombucha and juice. Cub offers customers a growing selection of wholesome products at an affordable price. Look for the USDA certified organic seal in our stores.

produce delivery 

Cub Delivers Produce

Cub offers online grocery shopping with grocery delivery and store pickup services. Our shoppers handpick the best produce from our shelves and deliver it right to your door.

Quick and Easy Produce 

Quick and Easy Produce

Incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet with Cub’s Quick & Easy meal solutions. Minimize meal prep with our large selection of pre-washed, pre-cut fruits and vegetables. Try Quick & Easy fresh vegetables, which come in a microwave steam bag, for a healthy side dish that’s ready in minutes. Grab a veggie tray or fruit salad bowl for a ready-to-go solution.

free fruit for kids 

Free Fruit for Kids

Teach your kids healthy habits and keep them occupied while you shop! Kids 12 and younger may enjoy a complimentary piece of fruit every time you shop. Look for the free fruit bin in the produce section of your local Cub. See store for details.

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