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Jim Beam Grilling Essentials, 1 Each, $21.99

BBQ sauce, tongs, basting brush & shaker. Since 1795. James B. Beam - None genuine without my signature. In the tradition of America's No. 1 bourbon we've created a line of delicious barbecue and basting sauces worthy of the name Jim Beam. It's the touch of bourbon that makes these flavorful sauces as spirited and distinctive as today's top grilling trendsetters. Gluten free. Ingredient & nutritional information included on bottle. This is a non-alcoholic product. Visible contents only. BBQ sauce product of USA. Brush, shaker & tongs made in china. Packed in China.

Jim Beam Grilling Essentials, 1 Each
Jim Beam Grilling Essentials, 1 Each
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