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A Dozen Wonderful Ways to Use Leftover Ham

Too much ham is a very good thing!

After sliced ham has been assigned to sandwich duty more than once, it’s time to come up with some creative ideas for using the rest. Here are a dozen of our favorite ideas.

ham leftovers image


  1. Soak 1 pound navy beans overnight in enough water to cover. Drain well; then place beans in a slow cooker along with the ham bone, 1 sliced onion, a pinch of thyme and enough water to cover. Set cooker on slow for 8 to 10 hours, and come home to homemade navy bean soup.
  2. To make ham salad for sandwiches or as a spread for crackers, combine 2 cups chopped ham, ⅓ cup low-fat mayonnaise and ⅓ cup chopped sweet pickle relish.
  3. Add chopped ham to pancake batter on “breakfast for dinner” night.
  4. When pan-frying chicken breasts, sauté slivers of ham in olive oil or butter before adding chicken breasts.
  5. Make an old-fashioned Denver omelet by combining finely chopped ham with sautéed chopped onions, green bell peppers and mushrooms. Top the veggies with shredded Cheddar cheese and fold omelet.
  6. Top a corn or flour tortilla with a slice of fried ham, a poached egg and a big spoonful of salsa.
  7. Add chopped ham to any macaroni and cheese—homemade or out of a box.
  8. Thread large cubes of ham onto skewers with pineapple chunks and squares of red bell pepper. Brush with butter, and grill until browned.
  9. Make mini kebabs for packed lunches using small cubes of ham and red or green grapes.
  10. Make a classic Chef’s Salad, arranging slices of ham, cheese, hard-cooked eggs and tomatoes atop crisp lettuce.
  11. Make stuffed peppers using a mixture of chopped ham, soft bread crumbs, dry mustard, grated cheese, and chopped onion and parsley instead of your normal ground meat mixture.
  12. Add slivers of ham to any Pasta Primavera recipe—especially if the recipe includes asparagus.