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Save more with the Cub App

Did you forget your shopping list at home? Forget to cut out your coupons? Don’t worry, we have an app for that!  Our Cub Foods app allows you to create a shopping list, check the weekly ad, and redeem your saved coupons all from your phone. You can even access your account from your tablet and computer. Make life easier today by downloading the app!

Save more with the Cub app. Download Today!
Cub App users have saved over 60,107,963 dollars


Add items and coupons to your shopping list with one tab.
Scan your personalized barcode at the register to use the coupons you've loaded to your account.
See the savings add up at the register!
Save $1 on ice Cream. Save 50¢ on pasta. scan bar code. save

Get started today. Download now!

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