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Looking for a new pharmacy?

Get up to $40 in Cub Gift Cards with a new or transferred prescription.*

Get a $20 gift card on your 1st fill.
Get another $20 gift card on your 4th fill. 



We’d like to invite you to discover Cub Pharmacy.

  • Our pharmacy offers fast prescription refills with short lines and great service
  • We accept most insurance plans including Medicare Part D
  • Now offering extended hours at select locations

See pharmacist for details. Offer valid through 12/31/14.

*Unless otherwise prohibited by law, offer not valid for persons enrolled in or for any prescriptions reimbursed by any state or federally funded healthcare programs. Offer not valid for any prescription previously filled or transferred from another Cub Foods location.  Void where prohibited by law. Gift Cards Subject to availability. See gift card for details, terms and conditions, and (if applicable) fees. Use of gift card is subject to terms and conditions of issuer.