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Flu Vaccination

Benefits of Flu Vaccination

You eat healthy and get plenty of sleep, but you still feel lousy. Did you think it was that easy? Every year, you should also get a flu vaccination to not only prevent yourself from catching the bug, but also to reduce the severity of illness if you do happen to get sick. Flu symptoms vary, but here are a few typical signs that you might be getting sick:

    - Fever
    - Cough
    - Sore throat
    - Runny or stuffy nose
    - Headache/body aches
    - Chills
    - Fatigue/nausea
    - Vomiting/diarrhea

The flu vaccination is recommended for anyone ages six months or older. If you are 65 years or older, your immune system may be weakening, so a high-dose vaccine such as Fluzone HD may be necessary. You may even be eligible to receive the vaccine at little or no cost. Be sure to consult your neighborhood Pharmacist for more information.

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