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Play-By-Play Guide to Tailgating

First Quarter Food

2nd Quarter Drinks

3rd Quarter Games

4th Quarter Packing

Keep food simple but delicious - and prepare plenty of it. Be prepared for roaming eaters

Prep food ahead of time as much as possible - parking lots do not make the best kitchens. Make sure burgers are shaped at home, plaed between sheets of wax paper and refrigerated. Bring side dishes that need little - if any - last minute fussing and pre-cut desserts.

Avoid foods that require a fork and knife: Tailgating is a mobile activity, and handheld foods encourage socializing.

Use a separate cooler for beverages so it can be opened and shut frequently without compromising the temperature of other chilled foods.

Overestimate the quanitity of beverages you will need, and bring as much ice as you can manage.

Bring Frozen bottled water. Not only will the frozen water serve as an ice pack, but it makes cold drinking water. Any leftover water can be used to put out the grill coals.

Bring some activities for people to do while they chat and wait for their food

Invest in a portable Bean Bag TossĀ  - it's easy and entertaining.

Pack the little stuff - footballs, frisbees, desck of cards

Personal gear: Game tickets, cash and wallet, sunglasses, extra warm clothes, rain gear, sunscreen and blankets.

Essentials: Folding table, folding chairs, silverware, napkins, cups, bottle opener, trash bags, cooler and KooziesTM.