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Blaine West

Joe Hughes

4 years

Joe H.

Joe has worked at over 12 locations in his 12 years in the business.

Steve Lacono

29 years

Steve L.

Steve attended Mankato State University where he wrestled on a full scholarship is and am currently 13th on Osseo's all time win list. 


Burnsville South

Jerry Cervan

36 years

Jerry C.

Jerry is an avid outdoorsman who loves adventure and a good loaf of French bread, but not at the same time.

Jim Becker

13 years

Jim B.

Jim does an awesome Donald Duck impression.

Joe Alt

17 years

Joe A.

Joe once came to work on Christmas Eve with a crowbar and fixed the sliding door that wouldn't shut so the store could go home and enjoy the holiday. 


Kim Issa

29 years

Kim I.

Kim is an amazing cook and party planner!

Lowell Hiles

14 years

Lowell H.

Lowell works in the meat department and enjoys sharing his knowledge with his store manager, such as teaching the difference between a "chuck" and a "round".


Steve Peterson

18 years

Steve P.

Steve came out of his retirement to work at Cub and has been with us for 18 years! Steve is also a veteran of the Navy.


Tom Trowbridge

36 years

Tom T.

Tom goes by "Double T" and his favorite food is Bull Bites from a restaurant called Axel's.


Venessa Borgen

16 years

Vanessa B.

Venessa is enjoying the new adventure of parenthood with her husband as they care for their 4 month old son, Thorin.


Coon Rapids North

Elizabeth Youngmark

40 years

Elizabeth Y.

Elizabeth followed her dad's advice that people are always going to need groceries and has been with Cub for 40 years!


Coon Rapids South

Ron Stenstrom Jr.

39 years

Ron S.

Ron enjoys snowmobiling and is currently restoring a 1956 Century wood boat.


Cub Chanhassen

Jane Messer

10 years

Jane M.

Jane loves the Chanhassen store because it still has that "small town feel" and she loves her customers there!



Deb Borden

23 years

Deb B.

Deb retired in February and so many customers are sad to see her go. She is an advocate for the deaf and is fluent in American Sign Language. She has many deaf customers who waited to go through her line just to talk with her.


Cub Lakeville North

Dave Jones

34 years

Dave J.

Dave worked in the first Cub store in the Chicago area. It was so exciting for him because the Cub Burbank store was doing $1.5 million a week in sales and the company continued to grow!

Jeff Beal

37 years

Jeff B.

Jeff was a member of the Crew 52 volunteer team for Super Bowl 52. He worked security during the game escorting ESPN executives and crossing paths with many athletes and celebrities! 

Mary Hatcher

37 years

Mary H.

Mary is proud to be a Cub employee because of the people she gets to work with each and every day. Some are mentors, some are best friends!

Todd Dombrock

24 years

Todd D.

Todd started working for Cub in 1992 on the clean team. In 1994, he moved to produce and has never left!


Cub Rockford Road

Andy Berner

12 years

Andy B. 

Whether it's summer or winter, Andy is always on the hunt for a big fish.


Cub Shorewood

Alex Bettinger

14 years

Alex B.

Alex plays guitar in a rock band and he has a podcast about horror movies!

Paul Gorman

20+ years

Paul G.

Paul was a paratrooper in 82 ND Airborne Division during the Iraqi Freedom War.


Cub Silver Lake

Jennifer Janowski 

Jennifer J.

By night, Jennifer supports the Floral department at Cub. By day, Jennifer is a mentor to three Cub Clean Team employees through the Partnership Resources Inc. and Made in the Shade for disabled adults. She supports Aaron Morwlli, Obung Geilo and Tim Sagedahl as their job coach, mentor and friend.



Mark Kilkelly

34 years

Mark K.

Mark started as a carry-out boy at the downtown Hooley's when he was 16 years old.


Cub Uptown

Barb Tunby

30 years

Barb T.

Bryan Langlois

35 years

Bryan L.

Glen Gaylord

29 years

Glen G.

Jeff Appenzelle

34 years

Jeff A.

Lorrie Wayman

30 years

Lorrie W.

Mike Cedarblade

20 years

Mike C.

Mike retired this march after 20 years of service!

Robert Johnson

34 years

Robert J.

Scott Sweno

30 years

Scott S.

Terry Raway 

34 years

Terry R.


Cub Valley West

Debbie Jackson

28 years

Debbie J.

Customers look to Debbie to make all their special occasions beautiful.

Kathy Lindquist

41 years

Kathy L.

When Kathy is not at work, she enjoys spending time with her family especially her six grandchildren and her two adorable pugs, Tank and Tucker!

Kathy Primous

28 years

Kathy P.

In her free time, Kathy likes to spend time with her son and granddaughter and travel with her friends!

Keith Held

43 years

Keith H.

Keith has retail in his blood. His grandparents owned a creamery and his father-in-law owned a Red Owl grocery store. 

Lap Troung

38 years

Lap T.

Lap and his brother moved here from Vietnam when he was only 14 years old. Lap and his wife love to cook and have been known to bring in spring rolls and fried rice on special occasions. 

Linda Kloster

26 years

Linda K.

Linda met her husband at Cub while they were both employeed there. Linda's son, brother-in-law and two of her cousins also worked for Cub.


Eagan North

Pete Pass

30+ years

Pete P.

Pete started at the old Burnsville Cub and met his wife of 21+ years there in 1989, where she worked in the deli department!


Eagan West

A.J. Huenecke

5 years

A.J. H.

Suzanne, the employee who trained A.J. in on his first day is now his fiancée. They are getting married in March!

Andrew Hathaway

4 years

Andrew H.

Andrew's guiding work philosophy is: Don’t get frustrated when things don’t go your way. When something doesn’t go according to plan, trust that there is a better one. View setbacks as stepping stones

Bill Vadakin

27 years

Bill V.

Bill is happy to have been part of the Cub team because he's made good friends and a great support system.

Tami Nordstrom

20+ years

Tami N.

In 1997, Tami came to the store to turn in the job application and was hired on the spot. Tami remembers the exact day and time of the first shift: November 10, 1997, 3:30-8pm.

Tyler Gorman

2 years

Tyler G.

Tyler played baritone in the school marching band for 6 years. 


Elk River Cub

Linda Jackson

22 years

Linda J.

Linda started working for Cub shortly after moving to Minnesota from Indiana with the thought of this job being a stepping stone. But, 22 years later she is the Head CSM at Cub!


Lake Street

Dora Lowther

3 years

Dora L.

Dora is bilingual speaking both English and Spanish.

Gabriela Zamora

10 years

Gabriela Z. 

Gabriela volunteers at her church and is a party planner!

Luis Hernandez

10 years

Luis H.

Luis moved to the U.S. From Jalisco, Mexica. He started at Cub working in the maintenance department and now works in the dairy department. He loves music and dancing to the bacnete and durango. Luis is also bilingual, speaking both Spanish and English.

Pedro Peralta

1 year

Pedro P.

Pedro loves all types of music. His favorite food is chicken Ceasar salad and he has 2 cats and 2 dogs.

Vincent Sanchez

27+ years

Vincent S. 

Vincent loves to camp and fish. He also enjoys Nascar.


Mankato West

Beth Ziegler

30+ years

Beth Z.

The Deli deparment is the only department Beth hasn't worked in at Cub.

Chayse Hickok

7 years

Chayse H.

Chayse will graduate from college this spring and hopes to stay with Cub pursuing a management position.

Chris Cook

30+ years

Chris C.

Chris has worked as the Produce Manager at 8 different Cub stores throughout the Twin Cities. Chris has lived near Mankato throughout his career and has commuted over 600,000 miles in 5 different cars.

Connie Cousins

34 years

Connie C.

Connie will celebrate 35 years at Cub this June, making her the most tenured employee at the Mankato West store.

Dana Bahe

30+ years

Dana B.

Dana won 1st place at this Halloween costume contest in 1986!

Jennifer Freeberg

21+ years

Jennifer F.

Outside of work, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her son and husband going to their family cabin and watching hockey. Go Wild!!

Larry Buller

30+ years

Larry B.

Larry is an avid biker, volunteering his time at local bike shops and often riding over 40 miles a day!

Mike Fischer

30 years

Mike F.

Mike is an Assistant Store Director who has been with Cub his entire career and has only missed 1 1/2 days of work - and that was because of a broken leg!

Mike Strey

15 years

Mike S.

While in college, Mike gained a little bit of local fame by working as a DJ for a local radio station.

Sarah Vollmer

35 years

Sarah V.

Sarah enjoys traveling, hunting and spending time with her grandkids.

Terry Marten

15 years

Terry M.

Terry started working in grocery stores since he was 16. He slowly made his way north, working at different stores in Iowa until reaching Mankato.

Tim Heiser

30+ years

Tim H.

Tim has worked in the grocery business since the 80's and until a few years ago, he had the same maanger the entire time. Even though they both moved to different locations and stores, it always happened at the same time.



Curt Hofschulte

40 years

Curt H.

Curt is currently the Produce Manager at Midway.


Northfield Cub

Coni Hagedorn

30 years

Coni H.

Conie's whole family has worked for Cub. Her husband Wally used to be a meat manager. Coni and Wally have 4 children who have all worked for Cub. 



Dena Toregano

21 years

Dena T.

Dena enjoys time playing cards with her family and is involved with her church!

Elaine Rivard

43 years

Elaine R.

When she's not enjoying her time working, she can be found on the St. Croix river on her boat.



Bona Phan

48 years

Bona P.

Bona was born in Cambodia. He and his wife Thyda have been married for 18 years. 

Neila Amries

42 years

Neila A.

Neila is originally from Guiana, where she likes to vacation to see her family. She has been married to Bobby for 48 years and loves watching her grandkids. 


St. Louis Park Cub

Jason Knaus

31+ years

Jason K.

Jason has worked at 12 different Cubs throughout his lifetime. The most difficult thing for Jason is saying goodbye to the people when he leaves a store. However, he reminds himself that he has met so many wonderful people during his time there.


White Bear Lake South

Jim Wakem

37 years

Jim W.

Jim has been with Cub for 37 years and enjoys his family, the outdoors and fishing!

Mark Evgen

35 years

Mark E.

Mark was also on the Fire Department for 20 years!



Tony Texley

19 years

Tony T.

Tony researches and collects 1960's Midwest rock & roll memorabilia. 


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