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Oranges and Tangerines

If you've tasted one orange you have definitely NOT tasted them all. There's a wide variety of oranges and tangerines out there, each with its own distinctive characteristics and uses.

California Navel

Seedless. Sweet, tangy flavor.
Season: January - April
Great for: Snacking and marmalades


Popular juicing orange. Seeded, sweet, hard to peel.
Season: May - October
Great for: Juicing

Honey Tangerines (Murcott Oranges)

Sweetest, juiciest tangerine. Nature’s Candy.
Season: March
Great for: Desserts, dressings and stir-frys

Cara Cara Navel

Seedless. Sweet, tangy flavor with reddish-pink flesh.
Season: December - April
Great for: Snacking and salads

Satsuma Mandarins

Seedless. Small and easy to peel.
Season: November - March
Great for: Lunch boxes, snacks and fruit salads

Tangelos (Minneolas)

Juicy, mild and sweet flavor, large size, and flat-round shape with a knob on top.
Peak season: January - March
Great for: Dressings and sauces

Moro (Blood Orange)

High in Antioxidants. Few seeds. Rich and tart, with berry overtones and maroon flesh.
Season: January - April
Great for: Fruit salads, fresh-squeezed juice


Virtually seedless. Small and easy to peel.
Season: November - April
Great for: Snacking and lunches, just 40 calories each

Selecting, Storing & Preparing

Select oranges that are firm and heavy for their size–they are juicier than spongier or lighter fruits. Look for bright, colorful skins and avoid fruit with bruised, wrinkled or discolored skins. Citrus fruit peel may vary in thickness, depending on weather conditions during the growing season.

Store: Most citrus will keep at room temperature for several days. For best results, store in a plastic bag or the crisper drawer of the refrigerator. Whole fruits should not be frozen but fresh-squeezed juice and grated peel or zest may be refrigerated or frozen

Prepare: Wash, slice off the stem end of the fruit, peel and eat by making four vertical cuts from top to bottom, making sure you don’t cut the fruit itself. The peel lifts right off.

Squeeze fruit for juice by rolling around on a flat surface, pressing firmly with the palm of your hand. Or place in a pan of hot water, then microwave a few seconds.

Zest oranges in wide strips or grate finely. Be careful not to remove too much of the peel–the white pith underneath is bitter and not usable.


Mandarin, Almond & Gorgonzola Salad


This easy-to-make salad is the perfect taste of spring, featuring juicy mandarin oranges, almonds and gorgonzola cheese.


You deserve the best quality fruits and veggies and we're committed to bringing them to you. Remember though that certain crops may not be available due to weather conditions and selection may vary by store.